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the story

the early days

Back in 2014, LikeBirds started as a coworking experiment in the old boiler room of a former factory (Tondeliersite), designed by architect Georges Bontinck.

The building was beautiful. It had 6m high ceilings, industrial windows, a garden, a sparring bridge... and also a temporary contract. But that was perfect to test our concept.

Slowly but surely, independent professionals found their way to LikeBirds. The moment we felt there was some real potential, we started an intensive search for a new, long term location.

I wanted to create a warm and inviting nest with an entrepreneurial spirit, where members can get inspired, crush their to do lists, find opportunities, learn, grow & help each other.

Vicky Persyn ― founder LikeBirds

LikeBirds 2.0

In 2016, we came across a space on the ‘Eskimofabriek’ site. A historic building, high ceilings, natural light... and that rough edge. The minute we saw it, we knew this place had potential.

After a challenging renovation and a complete interior design make-over, we moved in August 2016.

Over the years, LikeBirds has grown from a coworking space to a vibrant community of open-minded members who lean on each other.

the value

It’s about the people

Having our own location on this iconic site in Ghent is absolutely wonderful. We feel lucky to work, meet and connect in this inspiring space, with a rock 'n' roll vibe and a long list of benefits.

At the same time, we know the real value of LikeBirds lies in the community, the creative network, the people.

Remember, no matter how fancy your location may be, it’s about the people. Always.

our shared values

It’s about the people. Always.
Choose remarkable and be kind.
Aim for thriving, not just surviving.
Success comes in many different ways.
Together we are better and it’s more fun.

compact core team

We run LikeBirds with a compact core team, ready to move mountains every day. Building a community is intense and we love it.

We look after our members by motivating & stimulating them and by building bridges where we can, so that they can continue to move forward.

Making LikeBirds grow takes time, perseverance and hard work. But it’s also the coolest, most rewarding thing ever.

matching outfits by accident
extended team

army of independent professionals

We don’t do it on our own. At LikeBirds we are surrounded by an army of freelance experts and creative entrepreneurs.

So of course, we love to team up with members to deliver top notch work.

Over the past years there have been so many powerful collabs and we are looking forward to all the ones yet to come! What can we say: ‘practice what you preach’.

You like how we see things?