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we are LikeBirds
a creative business network,
an inspiring community for
freelancers & entrepreneurs


we are a community,
a creative network

LikeBirds members are creative, courageous and talented professionals with an open mindset and a friendly attitude. No sharks here.

Our members prefer meaningful relationships over pointless network blah blah, no offense. They’re searching for dynamic collabs and conversation that sparks ideas and creativity. 

Being a LikeBirds member means getting inspired and challenged to move forward, personally and in business. It’s an entrepreneurial family that pushes you from surviving to thriving.

Be part of a community that sparks inspiring conversation and original ideas. It's crucial as an entrepreneur.


we have our
own location

We designed an inspiring workspace, exclusively for our members. It’s where they can find focus and crush their to do lists, as well as interact with other members over lunch or at the coffee corner.

Our other spaces – creative lab, the studio & our rooftop – are open to anyone who’s looking for a creative, professional environment for meetings, brainstorms, workshops… A great way to get a taste of our LikeBirds atmosphere.

Don’t underestimate the impact of inspiring surroundings on your creativity and ability to get things done.

we organize
events & activities

We organize a wide variety of events & activities: workshops, network get togethers, inspiration trips, rooftop sessions, coffee & thoughts...

Some of them are for members only, others are open to anyone who wants to learn, move forward and expand their network.

Open your mind, go after inspiration, find common stories, stay ahead of the game.

Curious about
our community?