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LB Create

LikeBirds accountability program

The LB accountability program is a business accelerator. Participants set their goals, short term and long term, and get together regularly with the group. The group does not only function as a super dedicated soundboard, the individual members will also hold you accountable if you're slacking off or lose focus. We keep each other moving...

In short

  • 6 month program
  • monthly meet-up
  • 6 LikeBirds members max
  • peer learning & accountability
  • taking dedicated time
  • working on your business
  • sharing your vision & receiving advice
  • close network & the network of the network

How does it work?

  • describe and present your concept, idea or struggle
  • set your goals
  • break up your goals into actionable steps
  • make a 6 month plan
  • ...
  • valuable soundboarding
  • new insights
  • helps to keep you moving
  • helping each other
  • fresh 'entrepreneurial' eye

LB Create

When LikeBirds members work together on challenges and projects for companies in need of a different, creatieve approach.

How does it work?

  1. LikeBirds receives a brief from the client
  2. LikeBirds defines the scope of the project
  3. the LikeBirds core team brings the right team together for the specific project at hand
  4. together, we create a concept proposition
  5. the client loves the concept, we calculate the budget
  6. we put an agreement on paper
  7. the LikeBirds Create team gets started and creates some magic

Our own project based team

Our community is filled with creative, talented and experienced professionals. Depending on the project, the LikeBirds core team brings the right people around the table. A house blend team, LB' Create.

  • the right team for every project
  • fair pricing & open communication
  • energetic collaboration
  • striving for excellence together
  • delivering our best work
  • working together as a house blend team