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the community

LikeBirds community

We are a creative business community for freelancers, entrepreneurs and independent professionals.

A professional network where members can find connection, opportunities and support.

We are community-driven. We believe value is created through connection. It leads to new ideas, crazy solutions and beautiful collaborations.

We explore this entrepreneurial world together and like to have some fun along the way...


the members

More than 60 independent professionals, from all walks of life, are at the heart of our community. They are people with drive, ambition and talent.

We treat each other with respect. We’re open-minded, kind and open to soundboarding. No sharks here.

In this community we like to connect, collaborate and celebrate.

Trust us, as an entrepreneur you don’t want to be isolated. Together we are simply better.


diversity is key

Our members have very different areas of expertise: architecture, web design, financial & business consulting, writing, graphic design, photography...

It’s exactly this mix of experience that leads to new ideas and unexpected insights, making us learn new things every day.


slow networking

We are a big fan of slow networking, which means you are actually interested in getting to know the person behind the company or brand.

We feel networking is sometimes too much of a race, a quick scan of which people in the room can be of use to you, and if they are not, let’s move on.

Instead of this 'sharky' approach, we dare you to shake things up and try another way of networking.

Our members’ enthusiasm to get to know each other is a fundamental part of our community.

From casual talks to sparring over new ideas, the LikeBirds community really inspires and motivates me to move things forward.

Heleen Rijckaert ― learning consultant & founder Fons magazine
member since 2018

10 reasons why
people like to join LikeBirds

to be part of a warm,
welcoming and ambitious
entrepreneurial community
to build meaningful
(professional) relationships
to connect and have
inspiring conversation
to share knowledge,
expertise and advice
to move forward in
business and life
to have fun, foolishness
and even friendship
to get challenged,
motivated and inspired
to find common stories
and shared values
to spark business and
collaboration opportunities
to meet new people and expand
their network with talented,
like-minded professionals

For me the biggest asset of LikeBirds is the incredible network of fascinating & inspiring members. It led to some really cool collaborations and projects.

Silvie Bonne ― photographer
member since 2014
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